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Since 2007, Campbell Gunn Seib Jones has been defending Manitobans at all levels of court against all levels of criminal charges. When we launched our firm, we set out to build a team that shared our belief that you deserve the best possible defense in every case.

We know that your case is unique, and we understand that our continued success lies in devoting not only our years of knowledge, but also our time and empathy to our clients.

Roberta Campbell, Danny Gunn, and Sarah Inness joined together to launch a criminal law firm devoted to the intelligent, effective and energetic defence of its clients. Since then, Campbell Gunn Seib Jones has grown as a firm not only in size, but in reputation. The lawyers at CGSJ have a wide range of criminal law experience from Manitoba and across Canada. They have defended clients at every level of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, against all degree of charges, from driving offences and shoplifting to murder and international drug trafficking conspiracies.

Campbell Gunn Seib Jones team of criminal defence lawyers in Winnipeg.
Criminal Law Practice Areas

Mentorship & Advocacy

The lawyers at Campbell Gunn Seib Jones are also committed to the advancement of the legal profession in Canada. CGSJ lawyers have served as mentors and lecturers at the high school and university level. In addition to their reputation for strong appellate work, members of the CGSJ team have also assisted clients in other arenas, such as disciplinary hearings and in front of licensing bodies.

Why Choose Us

Whatever your needs are, Campbell Gunn Seib Jones is dedicated to ensuring you feel supported, and our lawyers are devoted to providing its clients the best defense possible.

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Join CGSJ Law for professional growth opportunities, valuable legal cases, and a supportive work environment. Work alongside experienced lawyers who provide guidance and mentorship to advance your career and gain extensive skills and experience.

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